Weeknight classes moving

Spring quarter enrollment has been going for awhile, so you’ve probably noticed that the schedule has changed. I’m working on moving the class to South Run RECenter, because I’ve moved about 35 minutes from Lee District RECenter. The best time slot that they had available was on Wednesdays, at the same time as our long-running Tuesday class. This time slot has never been great for a lot of students, so we’re working on trying to find a slightly later weeknight timeslot for a future quarter, but first the class needs to get established, which is always difficult for a new class.

An additional weeknight class will also be opening back up soon. Its schedule will depend largely on what times are good for interested students. Now that I’m settled into our new house, and the vast majority of work on our garage is complete, I’ll be hosting a weekly informal class at home, which is open for free to anyone who’s enrolled in either class at a RECenter. More details will be coming soon, but my initial thought is to hold it on Monday nights, so that it’s not immediately adjacent to the new Wednesday night class.

Edit: Due to a combination of low enrollment and miscommunication, the Spring Wednesday class has been canceled. The class will now be offered in the Fall quarter, starting in early July.

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