Current and Upcoming Class Info

Outdoor Summer 2020 Classes

SummerSession classes will be outdoors and with limited enrollment. They’ll begin July 11th and 16th, 2020, and the class is 8 weeks long. Students can now enroll by visiting ParkTakes On-Line (using the class links below), calling the ParkTakes automated telephone service at 703-449-8639 (5am-11pm), or calling a live operator at 703-222-4664 (9am-4pm weekdays).

Saturday’s class will be at the Lee District RECenter Amphitheater, and Thursday’s class will be on South Run RECenter’s outdoor basketball court. Both classes will be 55 minutes long, instead of our usual 85-minute indoor class time.

The class is registered under the name “Indonesian Kung Fu.”
Saturday’s Class Code is #S43.ZF93.
Thursday’s Class Code is #S43.ZF93.
Both codes are the same, but the sign-up pages are different. I’m not sure why this is, maybe it’s unique to outdoor classes.
Each session is 8 weeks long and costs $89 ($15 additional for people who live outside Fairfax County).