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Gung Fu and Pentjak Silat in Alexandria & Springfield, VA

This club is dedicated to quality instruction in Liu Seong Gung Fu, an art that combines aspects of Southern Chinese Gung Fu and Indonesian Pentjak Silat. This art is based on the teachings of the late Grandmaster Willem Reeders, a Dutch-Chinese man who grew up in Indonesia, whose Chinese name was Liu Seong. Students are taught an efficient method of personal protection and combat, and do not specifically train for tournament and sporting application. It is both an external and internal art, combining the “hard” power of external arts with the “soft” energy of arts like Ba Gua Zhang. Classes are taught by Erik Harris, primarily at the Lee District RECenter, and are listed under the course name “Kung Fu / Silat.”

Promotional Flyer: Photos and basic class information (PDF file).

Instruction Methods

A student in CIMAC will begin by learning basic striking, kicking, blocking, rolling and falling safely, and the importance of efficiency of motion and tactical positioning. He or she will also learn various joint manipulations, throws, and takedowns, which become as significant a portion of the art as the striking and kicking. Intermediate and advanced training introduces the use of and defense against weapons, as well as handling multiple opponents.

Instruction at CIMAC is tailored to the needs and abilities of each individual student, and does not use one-size-fits-all training methods. Students will learn and progress at a pace that suits their needs, and will not be rushed through or held back by a time-based curriculum.

Martial arts teach self-confidence, situational and self-awareness, and promote physical fitness. CIMAC‘s curriculum also offers a system that is unlike other arts taught in Northern Virginia, with its unique blend of Southern Chinese and Indonesian influence.

The club’s classes are small enough to allow personal each student to get personal attention, and not get “lost in the crowd.” To ensure this, enrollment is limited to 15 students.

Class Schedule

Day Time Room Class Hosted By
Saturday 11 AM – 12:25 PM Multipurpose Room Fairfax County’s Lee District RECenter
6601 Telegraph Rd, Franconia
(703) 922-9841
Tuesday 7 PM – 8 PM See Class Info
Thursday 7:00-8:25 PM Vestibule Fairfax County’s South Run RECenter
7550 Reservation Dr, Springfield
(703) 866-0566

There will be no class on Thursday, November 19th.

RECenter Classes are canceled for Thanksgiving on both Thursday and Saturday, November 26th and 28th. However, Erik welcomes students to his home to train on both Thanksgiving morning at 10AM and on Saturday the 28th at 11AM. All students are welcome, whether they’re signed up for Thursday or Saturday classes

Autumn Session

Autumn Session classes began September 19th and 24th, 2015, and the class is 11 weeks long. Students are welcome to enroll in the class after the quarter has begun. To do so, you can call or visit the RECenter (contact info above). The county will apply a discount to the registration price only if the quarter is half over, however.

The class is registered under the name “Indonesian Kung Fu.”
Saturday’s Class Code is #456 446 3101.
Thursday’s Class Code is #167 446 3101.
Each session is 11 weeks long and costs $170 ($15 additional for people who live outside Fairfax County).