Class Info

Class Schedule

  Time Room Class Hosted By
Saturday 10 AM – 11 AM Space as available Informal Advanced Class (focus on green sash training), open to all for self-directed training with help as available.
11 AM – 12:25 PM Multipurpose Room
Fairfax County’s Lee District RECenter
6601 Telegraph Rd, Franconia
(703) 922-9841
Tuesday 7 PM – 8 PM See Below
Thursday 7:00-8:25 PM Club Room 1 & 2 Fairfax County’s South Run RECenter
7550 Reservation Dr, Springfield
(703) 866-0566


Anyone who is interested is welcome to visit and try a class. The RECenter charges a nominal admission fee (which does not apply if you just want to come to watch or speak with the instructor). See the Lee District RECenter and South Run RECenter web pages for details on admission fees.

Enrollment is quarterly, but the training is continuous, from one quarter to the next, and all levels of experience are welcome in each class. Saturday and Thursday are registered separately, and students are encouraged to sign up for both classes. The additional class time will help students progress much more quickly than one weekly class. Every class is geared towards the students present that day, so weeknight classes will not be a duplicate of Saturday’s classes.

Tuesday Training

On Tuesdays from 7 to 8PM, all students who are signed up for RECenter classes are invited to Erik’s home for an informal extra training session. There is no charge for this session. Training is outdoors, either on a stone patio or in a garage, depending on weather and sunlight. This session is generally not open to those who aren’t currently enrolled, but exceptions are sometimes made made on a case-by-case basis.

If you have questions, or want more information, please contact Erik.


Fall 2022 Session

Fall Session classes begin September 17th and 22nd, 2022, and the class is 10 (Thu) or 12 (Sat) weeks long. Students can now enroll by visiting ParkTakes On-Line or calling a live operator at 703-222-4664 (9am-4pm weekdays).

The class is registered under the name “Indonesian Kung Fu.”
Saturday’s Class Code is #6B2.NN2P.
Thursday’s Class Code is #6B2.XIB4.

Each session is 10 or 12 weeks long and costs $180 or $215 ($15 additional for people who live outside Fairfax County). There is an $8 discount for each class for those who sign up by August 12th, during the early enrollment period.

Summer 2022 Session

Summer Session classes began July 7th and 9th, 2022, and the class is 8 weeks long (Note that we started a few weeks late due to travel and illness). Students are welcome to enroll in the class after the quarter has begun. If the links below don’t work, you can call or visit the RECenter (contact info above) and enroll in person. However, the county will apply a discount to the registration price only if the quarter is half over. If you join near the end of a quarter, you may be able to pay drop-in fees instead of paying for half of the quarter, at the RECenter’s discretion.

The class is registered under the name “Indonesian Kung Fu.”
Saturday’s Class Code is #6B2.7PM0
Thursday’s Class Code is #6B2.VQJR

Each session is 8 weeks long and costs $137 ($15 additional for people who live outside Fairfax County).