Seminar Details and Registration

Seminar with Joe Salomone, a master-level kung fu/silat instructor

Mr. Salomone doing technique on Mr. ReyngoudtMr. Salomone will share from his 44 years of knowledge of Chinese and Indonesian Tai Chi & self-defense, as brought to the US by Great Grandmaster Willem Reeders (Liu Seong) and taught by Grandmaster Art Sikes. Spend the afternoon learning martial principles that will help improve your skills as a martial artist, no matter what system you study!

Date: Saturday, April 8th, 2017
Time: 2:00-6:00 PM
Location: Lee District RECenter, 6601 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria VA
  Back Gymnasium (downstairs, end of the hallway)
  Changing facilities, lockers, and showers on-site
Fee: $50 in advance (PayPal)
$60 at the event

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Mr. Salomone demonstrating techniqueInstructors! If you’re bringing 4 students or more, you’re welcome to attend for free. Contact me and let me know, so I have your name on the list of paid participants once your students register.

Instructor bio: Mr. Joe Salomone began his intensive training in 1973 under the late GM Art Sikes. He tested his training in the boxing ring from 1977 to 1984, and was a five-time Nevada State Golden Glove and ABF champion. In 1981, he was selected to represent the USA in international competition while training at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado. He earned his orange sash in 1980 and his red sash in 1994. He currently has private students in various places around the country.

Posters & Flyer

Want to help spread the word? Here are two posters and a printable flyer that you’re welcome to download and distribute on social media, or in person:

Seminar poster, portrait

Seminar poster, portrait

Seminar poster, landscape

Seminar poster, landscape

Seminar Flyer (print copy)

Seminar Flyer (print copy, PDF)